About Mycke Custom Homes

As a young boy (6-10) growing up in Montana, Jake was known for pulling his "Radio Red-flyer" wagon around to various neighborhood jobsites where new house were being built. The kindness of the builders back then shone through when Jake asked if he could have their scrap 2×4’s and plywood. They took it step further and said, "You can have whatever nails you see lying on the ground too!"" It wasn't uncommon as Jake was searching for nails in the dirt, that one of the carpenters would "accidentally" drop a handful of nails to the ground from his ladder as Jake was on the hunt. Once that wagon was full, Jake was on mission to put his bounty of wood and nails to good use building a cool fort or an imaginary rocket ship. More often times than not, Jake spent his time driving 100's of nails into a 2' long block of wood.

Over 30 years later, Jake has not lost his passion for building. He loves to see the satisfaction of building something from nothing or restoring that which has lost its beauty and character over the years. In this life, Jake believes that every man's home is his castle and is committed to building or restoring it with unique design and character.

Based out of Sedalia Colorado, Jake lives with his beautiful wife of 13 years, Lisa. Jake and Lisa have two amazing boys Ethan and Samuel. Whether it is camping, fishing, riding their horses, watching a great movie, reading a good book, or sitting on the couch telling stories, they love to spend time together.

Inside and outside of their work, Jake and Lisa, are fiercely committed to walking with other men and woman to find restoration and healing for their broken hearts through the relentless, fearless love of Jesus Christ. In the same way that others have walked with and led them toward their own healing and restoration. In their own words, "We dream of having a ranch someday, with horses and cattle, gardens and rustic buildings, where men and women, boys and girls of all age's kind go to find rest and healing for their weary souls through the weary less love of the Father."

"Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you; I have called you by your name, you are mine. You are precious in my eyes, because you are honored and I love you...the mountains may depart, the hills be shaken, but my love for you will never leave you and my covenant of peace with you will never be shaken." - Isaiah 43 and 54